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"These guys were great! Good prices and super fast turnaround. We loved the fact that we didn't have to wait weeks to get our cabinets delivered. We will use them for our renovations going forward."
Tamika Butler
"My husband and I are very pleased with the cabinets we received and the quality of service. The cabinets were ordered, shipped, and delivered within five days and the plans that were drawn up were amazingly accurate..."
Kimberly Carter
Happy Home Owner
"This has been such a great experience working with everyone. From the very start they have been knowledgeable, fast with responses, and just great customer service. I would recommend them to everyone."
Tyler Kaplan
Happy Home Owner

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We had such great customer service throughout the whole process! We got cabinets quickly and they were in perfect condition. We just recommended to our kids as well! Great quality,  great prices, exceptional customer service!
Stacey Meers
Happy Homeowner
Affordable and quality cabinets! I purchased cabinets with Kaiden at STL Cabinetry. He went over all my options to make sure I was happy with the design as well as the price.

Brittney Reese
House Flipper | Contractor
Great pricing and great communication. The pricing was better than I had found after pricing at 2 other places. Kaiden answered every call and every question I had and his patience during the pricing and design process was stellar.
Travel Unraveled
Happy Homeowner
Can’t recommend this team enough! Our cabinets were in quickly and glad we chose them to install them as well because they carefully inspected every cabinet to make sure it was flawless. They helped us order our granite counters through a different company as well and they were installed promptly and everyone was very pleasant and professional!
Kristin Ehrhardt
Happy Homeowner
Kaiden and his team at STL cabinetry were phenomenal to work with from start to finish …great communication, professional, and expert in his line of work!
Patient and willing to work with the customer was a big plus!!

Kristopher G
House Flipper | Contractor
Excellent service by Andrew! Super knowledgeable and extremely helpful!He’s a man of his word and his products are high quality!Thanks again for the kitchen cabinets Andrew!
Beehary Investments LLC
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What are the latest trends in kitchen and bath design?

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Current trends focus on minimalist designs, smart home technology integration, and sustainable materials. In kitchens, open shelving, large islands, and energy-efficient appliances are popular. For bathrooms, walk-in showers, freestanding bathtubs, and smart toilets are in demand.

Should I renovate my kitchen or bathroom before selling my home?

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Renovating can increase your home's value and appeal to buyers. However, consider the cost versus the potential return on investment. Minor updates like repainting or replacing fixtures can be more cost-effective than a full renovation.

How much should I budget for a kitchen or bathroom renovation?

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Budgets vary widely based on the size of the space, quality of materials, and labor costs. On average, a kitchen remodel can range from $12,000 to $35,000, while a bathroom remodel might cost between $6,000 and $15,000. It's essential to get detailed quotes from contractors.

Can I do part of the renovation myself to save money?

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DIY can reduce costs, but it's important to assess your skills realistically. Tasks like painting and simple fixture replacements are manageable, but plumbing, electrical work, and structural changes typically require professional expertise.

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